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Image of 3 singers wearing broadrimmed red hats and holding umbrellas
Invisible Opera House Ident Image of disused Harbour train station

Fleeting, irresistible invitations to the Grand Art.

Persephone's Dream soprano Anna Braithwaite, holding keys close.

Written in response to Covid, featuring the world's first Zoomed Opera Chorus. 

Pencilled ideas for songtexts and chords.

Exploring emotional well-being through song-writing and shared imagination. 

Kaleidescoped image of piles of sherbet lemons

Introducing older folk to looping apps, jingles and ringtones, a collaboration with SparkedEcho.

Marriage Rites cast - soprano Laure Meloy in front with chorus behind. All looking disgruntled.

Devised for Cheriton Light Festival. 

Singers participating in a sing at Folkestone Country Park outdoor theatre

Choral response to Covid 19  Commissioned by SoundUK and LV21.

 Opera in the Living Room ident showing an empty armchair

Armchair friendly experiences of the Grand Art with regular aria downloads. 

Advance Wedding Party soloist and chorus singing with blue umbrellas.


A Royal Wedding comes to 

Ramsgate in collaboration with Garsington Opera.

Audience in foreground engaging in a puzzle; Soprano Cathy Robinson in background.

Opera meets Crystal Maze in this escape room production.

Close up pixellated image of blue butterfly wing.

Remixing an ancient story  through Qi Gong, collective song and dance beats. 

Series of skeletons overlaid dancing, against black background.

The micro-gesture of emotion to explore hopeful anticipation.  

Supported by Live Arts. 

NightWatchers Chorus with arms lifted, all singing.

A new opera for Folkestone Harbour and its sea-faring community.

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