Opera in the Living Room commissions Persephone's Dream

What do we lose and gain by moving opera into a domestic space?

Creative Exchange Session 1

Artists exploring Persephone's dreamworld and creating their own imagined spaces. We chose various things for the journey into the Underworld: golden thread, love blankets, draught boards, scarf, guitar and surf-board.

Ident image for Persephone's Dream

A space between the quick and the dreaming. Pulled together from the early threads of discussion about dream spaces.

What is the role of Director in a 2D living backdrop of chorus members? How does a 3-way composing process work?

Co-composer Kevin Grist Process

Using Pinterest as part of a composer's process

Inspired by Klimt

Chorus of Curious Eyes inspiration

Curiouser and curiouser - our Chorus of Curious Eyes

in planning

in planning

Early set design ideas

Observing social distance on our solitary islands

in planning

in planning


A digital/live hybrid opera that tells a story of withdrawal from the world.
Unpicking the rites of hibernation and the purifying power and danger of isolation.
The gallery opposite gives a glimpse into the process of creating a new opera and the questions we are asking as we build Persephone's Dream world. 
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