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Opera in the Living Room?

What do we lose and gain by moving opera into a domestic space?

Creative Exchange Session via Zoom - 9 people in the room

Artists exploring Persephone's dreamworld and creating their own imagined spaces. We chose various items for the journey into the Underworld: golden thread, love blankets, draught boards, scarf, guitar and surf-board.

Ident image for Persephone's Dream

A space between the quick and the dreaming. Pulled together from the early threads of discussion about dream spaces.

The world's first Zoom chorus broadcast at the Cockpit Theatre.

What is the role of Director in a 2D living backdrop of chorus members? How does a 3-way composing process work?

A large primitive depiction of a red eye against a yellow backdrop

Composers used Pinterest as part of a their process

Inspired by Klimt's pictures of bronze/gold dressed women

Inspiration for the Chorus of Curious Eyes.

Black and White zoom close ups of eyes. 9 people on the Zoom meeting.

Curiouser and curiouser - our Chorus of Curious Eyes

Persephone dressed in chequerboard dress, looking up nervously.

"The doors are locked the window's closed"

Early set design ideas - zoom chorus on screen behind central singer and cellist.

Observing social distance on our solitary islands

Persephone opens up her dress to reveal a garden

The Garden no longer needs a keeper.


A digital/live hybrid opera that tells a story of withdrawal from the world.
Unpicking the rites of hibernation and the purifying edge of isolation.

The gallery on this page gives a glimpse into the process of creating a new opera and the questions were asking as we built Persephone's Dream world. 
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